Putting the humanity back into
the Asylum Seeker conversation

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The Campaign

This is a campaign to inject compassion back into the Australian discourse on asylum seekers.

2014 has been a tragic year for asylum seekers and refugees asking for our help. The national conversation amongst some elements of the public has become so toxic that it has provided a mandate for cruel and inhumane policies from both the major political parties. The conversation must change and the debate must shift towards a more compassionate understanding of the asylum seeker issue.
What would you do? will include an interactive website and video the mobilization of business and community leaders and the exposure of asylum seeker stories. We want to change the hearts and minds of the Australian public. We are deeply committed to bringing compassion to the forefront of this conversation.

The road to compassion may be long and difficult but we will continue to advocate on behalf of the asylum seekers and refugees who come to our shores. We won’t stop until justice is achieved.


We want to put the power back in the people’s hands.

We want to put the power back in the people’s hands. The asylum seeker issue must transcend the party-political rhetoric. It is too important an issue to have politicians scoring points at the expense of people fleeing from persecution.

As proud members of the Jewish community, a refugee community, we can relate. We have our own unique story and our own refugee narrative that inspires us to strive for justice for other refugee and asylum seeker communities.

The Australian MP and Delegate at the Evian Conference in 1938 stated: “We’ve no real racial problem and are not desirous of importing one” and that “the Jews who are coming here will be of no help to producing a country like Australia.” This statement forever taints on our national character. Our Jewish community is uniquely placed to stand up and be bold in communicating our story of success. Our community must lead an effort to ensure we do not repeat the mistake of Australia in 1938 all over again in 2013.

View ‘Enough is Enough: It’s time for a New Approach’

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If you were a Hazari father of a family fearing for their lives from the Taliban in Afghanistan, or a mother of a family fearing for their lives in a war-torn, dictatorship-driven Somalia, What would YOU do?
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If you are interested in volunteering with the WWYD campaign, please see the position description (download here) and then fill in the volunteer enquiry form.

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Our Action


We’ve been busy fighting the good fight.

Through strong partnerships, we’ve helped ensure that the Jewish community is active and vocal in pursuing justice for asylum seekers and refugees.

 Love Makes a Way 


#LoveMakesAWay is a movement of Faith leaders seeking an end to Australia’s inhumane asylum seeker policies through prayer and nonviolent love in action.

We helped facilitate Rabbis to be involved to ensure that all major faith groups were represented in these powerful actions.

Faith leaders arrested



Welcoming all Australians


In response to increasing racism and Islamaphobia in parts of Australian society, we joined the campaign organised by Welcome to Australia to welcome ALL Australians, from all walks of life.

welcoming australian




 Political Advocacy – #StandUptoProtect


In response to the Federal Government’s brutal new Immigration Bill, we coordinated a letter to be sent to cross bencher parliamentarians on behalf of Jewish community leaders, including Gary Samowitz (CEO, Stand Up), Steve Denenberg (Executive Director, Union for Progressive Judaism), Rabbi Fred Morgan AM (Professorial Fellow, Australian Catholic University) and Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky (Beit Shalom Progressive Synagogue).

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In the Media 


Our media presence has helped mobilise our community and spread our message of compassion.

WWYD video in the AJN   AJN press release published

If you were the mother of a family fearing for their lives in a war-torn Somalia, What would you do?

Campaign Launch



Melbourne Photo Booth




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About Stand Up

Jewish Australians actively pursuing social justice for all.


We have a vision

Jewish Australians actively pursuing social justice for all.

We have a mission

Effecting positive social change by:

  • Educating the Jewish community about global issues and how to make a difference
  • Empowering vulnerable communities in Australia
  • Empowering vulnerable communities overseas

We embody Jewish values

Through our work, Stand Up realises the Jewish values of chessed (Kindness), tzedek (Justice) and tikkun olam (Repairing the World). We hope to inspire the Australian Jewish community to fulfill these obligations in their everyday lives.

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We believe it is important that a Jewish voice is heard on key issues in our society today, and that we Stand Up against social injustice.


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